Timecode Systems

Timecode Systems
Making workflows wireless

Our products offer a reliable and user-friendly way to generate, sync and share accurate timecode, sync and metadata wirelessly over long range RF and WiFi. Since its launch in April 2012, the system has become a valued item of kit on reality shows, documentaries and film sets across the UK, EMEA and US.

Wireless timecode, genlock and metadata

At the heart of every Timecode Systems product is a super accurate timecode and genlock generator. Coupled with our long range RF sync network and pioneering BLINK protocol, we’ve successfully developed a groundbreaking workflow enabler.

Future focused

We’re always looking ahead. By constantly finding new ways to apply our technology and collaborating with other inspiring third parties to enlarge our ideas, we ensure Timecode Systems technology continues to be one step ahead. At least.

Endless possibilities

Our bespoke RF network allows users to not only wirelessly timecode and genlock multiple cameras but also to access real time status and control from remote units.

Bridging all of this information and control to WiFi and Ethernet means a selection of third party applications can connect to our products, creating a fully integrated solution.

But it’s the possibilities this functionality opens up that makes our solution truly unique.

How did it all start?
After 20 years’ working as a BBC sound supervisor and freelance sound mixer and sound supervisor, Paul Scurrell was tired of constantly changing sync kit for different filming scenarios. In 2010, Paul set up Timecode Systems Limited to initially create the all-in-one timecode solution he could see was missing from his filming kit bag. The result was Timecode Systems. The original wireless concept has now been developed to produce a system that is totally unique and scalable.

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