BON Electronics

Founded on April 10,1986, BON Electronics specializes in developing and manufacturing high quality broadcast and multimedia products based on strong development and manufacturing technology.
The principle value for our company leaders is to plan and review our business goal with strategic mind based on reasonable thinking and the priorities, and finally put the plans into actions with heartfelt devotion in order to achieve the objectives.
BON Electronics pursues the business philosophy to return the rewards, love and gratitude to business partners and customers. At this time when HD technology has dominated multimedia and professional video markets, we have been concentrating on developing and manufacturing multi-format broadcast monitors, total broadcasting system, wireless system and other multimedia products.
Following on from our partnership in the domestic video markets with many broadcast stations and CATV/IPTV providers, we will continue to do our best to occupy the front runner’s position in global market.
Our primary fundamental is to deliver excellence, the best quality and the best price for every product hence return the momentum of vision to all our company leaders so that they may also return happiness and vision to all of their employees.
We will also extend our commercial and not least social role by participating in social charity so that we continue to accomplish and demonstrate our firm business philosophy of returning the love and gratitude to societies.

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